#1 iOS security and a bit of golfing.

In this blog I discuss some of the potential security risks of iOS that I have identified with security software. In the same day I went for 18 holes of Golf and thought about and discussed it.

#2 More security. Properly parsing input data and Regex.

In this blog I discuss parsing input in functions and programs for sanitary purposes and how it improves the security of any system.

#3 Emulators and Raspberry Pi

I got a new console emulator handheld that I discuss as well as the potential of computer technology like Raspberry Pi.

#4 Some benefits of open-source over closed source, IRL.

In this blog I discuss some benefits of open-source style ecosystems vs. closed source on the Miyoo Mini Plus Linux console emulator.

#5 Global Warming, and some solutions to it.

In this blog, I discuss briefly global warming and how it snowed so late this year in Canada, and some solutions etc.