Blog #5

#5 Global warming, and some possible solutions.

This is the latest winter first snow I have ever experienced in my life. Is global warming hitting us early? Or just an anomaly.

Although I care a lot about global warming I do not agree with the Government of Canada in that carbon tax is valued fiscally or environmentally, it puts too much debt and loss of money on the people (30-50% incresed gas prices or more).

The best source of fuel for electricity in terms of being environmental is Nuclear. Nuclear fission, and fusion (under development) are the best most friendly and cheapest forms of energy available in Earth's atmosphere. Also solar, and hydro (water generating electricity) are great options. Geothermal is something I'm particularly interested in, it has to do with the extraction of energy from the heat coming from the Earth's core through the Earth. People argue coal is the cheapest and easiest but they are mistaken. It not only endangers the Earth with fossil fuel emissions but also is more expensive than Nuclear.

I am hopeful about the "cleanification" of our fuels and electrical supplies.

-Blake Burns