Blog #4

#4 Some benefits of open-source over closed source, IRL.

So, I decided to update my Miyoo Mini Plus with an open-source third party Nintendo DS emulator. It's called Drastic. I also installed instead of the factory operating system Onion OS. This is a third party operating system running RetroArch for the Miyoo Mini family of hardware.

Without the original source code for the Miyoo Mini the developers of Onion OS would not have been able to make the modified operating system. This is one of the big benefits of the open source ecosystem. With full auditable and viewable/modifiable source code there are a lot more possibilities and support in the community for hardware. Of course there are some draw backs to open source code, such as giving full access to your source, which you may want to keep secret for financial gains or otherwise, but there are many great benefits to open source over closed source code.

Here's a video showing the innovative Nintendo DS emulator Drastic that developers have got working on this Miyoo Mini open source ecosystem. Check it out!

-Blake Burns