Blog #3

#3 Emulators and Raspberry Pi

I made the acquisition of a retro emulator console. What I mean by retro emulator console is one machine that contains many emulators to play many different machines games. For example, the Miyoo Mini Plus that I got can play PlayStation, Nintendo, etc. A formal definition of emulator is: Match or surpass (a person or achievement), typically by imitation. The electronic console emulator achieves this which is full capabilities of playing the console games and is actually faster than the old consoles at playing them. Here’s some footage of my Miyoo Mini Plus:

It could be done with a raspberry pi or other embedded system, but something simple and easy to work with. If done properly, it could be a powerful system that could play more consoles than the one I acquired, such as PS2, GameCube, etc. I’m considering of building a small team to work on a prototype emulator game console. I also think that emulator game consoles are super cool. Anyways. I love how the raspberry pi and mini pc industry are enabling people and places to use technology in an affordable fashion, and the product isn’t too bad. The pi goes from $4-$49 USD per unit or so.

How cool would it be to get involved in the industry of emulator consoles!! Take care everybody.
-Blake Burns